High Potential Start-Ups

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The High Potential Start-Ups podcast places leaders of life science start ups directly in front of investors and key players in the life science startup space.

The podcast provides a platform for companies to introduce their brand to a global audience of investors, life science leaders and talented aspirational members of the life science community, whilst drawing international attention to the work their organisation is doing.

We’ll learn from life science leaders about the groundbreaking work they’re involved with, and the journey they’ve taken to get to where they are today. During our conversation, we’ll cover what motivates them, how they made it to the C suite initially, what it takes to stay there, where they plan on taking their career next and more.

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Octopus ventures is one of Europe’s largest and most active VCs with over a billion pounds under management and a portfolio of more than 100 company. Their investment teams specialize in five areas, health, FinTech, deep tech, consumer and business to business software.

The health team in particular, is looking to back entrepreneurs who are transforming the health industry. From digital therapeutics there’s a biotech seed series A and B. Today, Octopus Ventures is back some of the most disruptive startups in health, including Lv, big health over to Ori biotech and quick genius, making them the perfect partners for the podcast as we talk to CEOs at the cutting edge of the lifestyle space, discussing their careers, the highs and lows, as well as taking a much closer look at the future plan to the business they are leading.

The host

Self-confessed podcast lover Nick Ross makes the perfect host for our new podcast series, High Potential Start-Ups, a series of interviews with CEOs of early stage start-up life science companies. As Co-Founder of Cavenagh Health, Nick’s appointed CEOs and built leadership teams for early-stage life science companies in the US, UK, and Europe. He’s passionate about supporting the investment community through key appointments that ultimately go on to drive biotech and med-tech companies towards reaching their patient and investment goals.

The guests

The High Potential Start-Ups podcast places leaders of life science start ups directly in front of the VC community. Our audience consists of investors and key players in the startup space; an appearance on the podcast is a convenient way for CEOs to strategically raise their profile in the right circles. Our primary objective for any CEOs we welcome onto the podcast is to help them secure funding. Although raising their profile, awareness of their brand, and their attractiveness as an employer are all positive side effects as well.

To talk through what an appearance on the podcast can do for you, contact us today.