In episode 2 of the High-Potential Start-Ups podcast, we’re joined by CEO of TargTex, João Seixas

João has a great ambition and an incredible passion for the treatment of brain cancer, and it’s woven through the operations of the business. During this insightful conversation, João details his career, from his journey from academia to business, what he picked up from each step of his career, and how that molded him into the leader that he is today. 

João always felt that the world of academics and research were very comfortable and familiar territories, and he moved into industry because he wanted to challenge himself scientifically. That led him to TargTex, a business with a big vision – to help increase the life expectancy of neuro-oncology patients. 

In this episode, you’ll find out how to take health from the lab to industry, and get so many more golden nuggets from João.

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